Are your employee’s smartphones an open door to your secure network & critical data?

Mobile computing is becoming an increasingly vital component of every businesses operation. As end user’s access critical business information, communicate with customers, and leverage their mobile device to support their day to day activities, you need to ensure that the same management, security and oversight solutions you rely on for your IT. Our Managed Mobile Solution is designed to provide enterprise class IT management for mobile devices, at a cost that meets the needs of an SMB.

Reduce Exposure to Risk

Unprotected devices both company owned and employee owned has already resulted in countless cases of data loss, theft and other leaks. Foresite’s Managed Mobility plan helps you lock down your sensitive data and gives you and your employees the freedom to access, consume and send data from mobility devices as required. 

Enhance Productivity

We live and work in a real time, always on world. More and more, businesses are choosing to invest in mobility solutions to meet the new demands of a mobility powered world. Mobile represents a huge opportunity to better service your clients and customers, as well as increasing employee productivity. 

trap lost opportunity

Staying connected is vital in today’s business world. Missing a single e-mail can mean the difference between winning a customer and losing a win for your business. Don't be left behind by your competitors who have already added a mobility plan to their strategy.  

IDC reports that 40% of IT decision makers say they let workers access corporate information from employee-owned devices, but 70% of employees indicate that they access corporate networks this way.

Remotely Wipe lost devices

Instantly remove sensitive, mission critical data from yours or an employees mobile device in the event of theft or a loss. 

Track device location globally

Track your businesses devices via GPS globally. Great for device loss, logistics tracking and more.

Enforced Security PROTOCOLS

Enhance the manufacturers security protocol with Foresite's enhanced mobile security features.

Managed Device manufacturers Warranty

Tracking warranty, documentation and keeping up with key warranty dates can be time consuming. We take of that for you. 


Take the guess work out of your corporate mobility plan, lock down your sensitive data and rest worry free knowing that your data, IP and other sensitive information is being managed by a professional team who recognise the importance of data protection.

Ezynode’s Manage IT model caters for our requirement of a mobile workforce.
- Matthew Garling (Principal)


What would the true cost of data loss be to your business? Do you hold sensitive data on behalf of your clients such as financial information, credit card information or more? Data theft can be a devastation to all businesses. Lock down your data now before its too late.

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